Reports from Robert Carlyle’s recent Con appearance...

Robert really said that the reason viewers left was because of the inconsistencies and the unanswered questions that were important for the characters. And the problem the show had of never ending things. Like the never ending battle between him and Hook. Which wasn’t a fair fight anyway. He said that Rumple’s relationship with both Regina and Hook will be different. That it’s entirely new. So the war between Rumple and Hook is over.

Robert was really honest about the show and that as an actor you need to pick your battles. So while he would have liked to have certain parts addressed and have change inconsistencies in his character etc there’s only so much as an actor he could do.

Robert thinks Rumple had a happy ending in the end of S6. When asked if it would last, he said he loves Belle but he’s still a loner so probably not.

Robert says the show is unrelentingly sad so he wanted to add a lil’ bit of humor with Imp Rumple’s voice and mannerisms.

Robert says that what the show does with skipping over big, emotional moments is “insulting to the audience, and thinks that it’s just appalling at times.”  He also HATED the affair between Rumple and the Evil Queen.

Robert Carlyle is my hero. Though he still should’ve said “no” to S7!