Transcript of the Robert meet and greet snippet . . . . . .

So this is my transcript of the recording made by virgidearie with Bobby talking about some of his – um – irritations with the show

Question:  I think that Rumple cares a lot about his son’s names. When he came back from the war, the first question he asks Milah is “What’s his name?”

Bobby: Yeah.

Question: And you have a similar scene in Season 6.  Belle doesn’t want to say, and I think it was so heartbreaking, and I wanted to know if there was maybe a scene that was cut where Rumple learns Gideon’s name, because I think it’s really missing, you know.

Bobby: You know, I don’t know if anyone was here yesterday, I was talking about this.  Believe me, there’s stuff that I know, there’s massive chunks missing from that.  And I think that what they did, sometimes, was insulting to the audience, and I think that it’s just appalling at times. Because things like that, just like you said; these things are important, you know?  And the whole thing that they never really address that he had that stupid affair with the queen.

Fan comment:  I think that nobody liked that.

Bobby:  No, I was mad myself.  I was fighting hard with Eddy; me and Eddy fell out for a long time over that.

Fan comment: Because if Rumple just wanted to play the Evil Queen, he did not have to do that.

Bobby: Nobody asked for my point [of view].

Fan comment: It was really hard.  It hurt Rumbelle.

Bobby: Of course it did.  I understood that.  It was hurtful for ME.  I so identify with it, I mean my friendship with Emilie, and Belle was kind of – life and art sometimes kind of get mixed up.  And I was really upset by that as well, as much as you guys were.  Very, very upset.  But what can you do?  At the end of the day, they just write this stuff, they want it, dotted on the line, this is what we want.
предупреждение: это транскрипт со слов очевидца

напоминалка: о подвигах

вернее о подвигах белки (или местной "белль").  она горазда горланить про подвиги и геройства. а на деле-то сама шасть в кусты, а мужа под трактог гигантского волшебного разъяренного медведя... вот так выглядят на деле все бельчачьи подвиги. (камушек и огров мы тоже помним, также поход за снежной королевой, где она режет мужа кинжалом.) ну очень героическая героиня!

а потом удивляемся почему муж весь седой и с таким выражением лица

новости сторибрука

нас ждает комик кон в сан диего. как видим, сказочники не скупятся на бабло и вновь их реклама самая наглаЯ и самая дорогая на весь фасад. хорошо иметь волосатую руку однако. конечно заявлены оставшиеся герои 7 сезона.


вот и поговорили...

полковик янг / доктор раш. противостояние

даже не представляю себе каково это очнуться на пустынной планете, зная что тебя бросили умирать...
и что собственно доказал этим полковник? что он не убийца и обвинения были напраслиной? ага тут и верю!